Our Customer Service

Information & Communication – the keys to successful renovations.

Renovations can be stressful, but the clever team at Nouvelle has come up with an innovative way to ensure clients are kept informed and become part of the process, every step of the way

Many customers report that one of the scariest parts of renovating is feeling as though you don’t know what is happening. We know our customers prefer to work in partnership with our design and project management team so we’ve taken the important step to introduce a new Customer Service Desk to our Customer Service Plan.

Our Customer Service Desk was designed to ensure maximum communication and involvement of customers across every stage, of every job. Rather than relying on phone messages, or messages relayed through tradespeople, this innovative electronic system logs every query, every resolution, every alteration, every request and every decision.

Nouvelle Customer Service Desk summaryNouvelle Customer Service Desk email 1

Each customer is allocated an individual log-in code and they are able to view on-screen the progress of their job, even if they are overseas or interstate, on business or on holiday. The site supervisor logs every milestone reached and includes pictorial references where relevant. Every tradesperson working on the renovation has access to the system so all members of the on-site team are kept informed of progress, delays, adjustments, queries – or anything which may affect their part of the process.

Nouvelle Customer Service Desk email 2Nouvelle Customer Service Desk email 3

In implementing this system 12 months ago, we made a significant technology investment in the company but we know our clients are worth the effort. Nouvelle customers report feeling less stressed, more satisfied with the progress of their renovation, more informed and more in control of the process.

Ask your Nouvelle designer today about the new Customer Service Desk and find out how your renovation can be easier and run more smoothly. It’s all part of the Nouvelle Customer Service plan.