Appliance Offer

Conditions of Offer:

1. This promotion only applies to signed contracts above $20,000.00

2. As we are unsure where you will purchase your appliances, the $1,000.00 will be deducted from your ‘Contract Price’ and will be clearly displayed on your contract as $1,000.00 deducted from the ‘Contract Price’.

3. This promotion applies to a kitchen that meets the minimum contract value of $20,000.00.

4. This offer commences Tuesday 2nd January 2018 and supersedes any previous offer/s made prior to this date.

5. If you prefer the offer as a Winning Appliances voucher, please advise your designer. If a voucher is selected it will be provided within 72 hours of contract signing.

6. This offer does not apply to contracts cancelled for any reason.

7. This is a limited offer and will cease when we reach our marketing budget spend for this promotion.