M. McIntyre – Pennant Hills

Getting exactly what you want in your kitchen design will create cooking and meal preparation pleasure for years to come… just ask Marie from Pennant Hills…

January 2010 marks the second anniversary of my new kitchen. I must say how much in love I am with it. The design put forward turned out to be fantastic. Right from the beginning when the workmen arrived to tear down a wall and remove the existing kitchen, everything ran to perfection. Workmen arrived on time, were courteous, and tidied up prior to leaving each day. We could not complain. Communication between Nouvelle and us was open and frequent, and we were fully informed as each part of the job commenced as to what we could expect to happen. The tradesmen employed by Nouvelle were very pleasant and helpful and were expert in their field – we had no problems. The kitchen was completed on time and for the past two years we have really enjoyed using it. Thanks to all the staff at Nouvelle.


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